Aging Better Together

Discover how we are changing the aging process

Are you wanting to feel better?

Do you have any joint discomfort?

Are you wanting to age better?

Do you have saggy skin or wrinkles?

If you could change one thing about the

Aging Process, what would it be?

I personally believe in:

  • Healthy Habits and not Diets!

  • Carbs are not the enemy

  • Moderation is the key

  • Mindset is half the battle

  • You can age better!

I love sharing information with “women of a certain age” and teach them everything I have learned in my “Aging Better” experience.

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Paula and her husband Micheal live outside of Houston, TX with 3 fur babies. Paula has 1 adult son and 3 adult bonus (some people call them step-kids) and 8 grandchildren.

About Me

After working in the Skin Care industry for over 30 years, I made a shift to focus on helping women age better from the inside out, rather than focusing on only external/topical anti-aging solutions. While I still believe using clean and effective skin care products is essential, there are many other factors that contribute to aging well.... or not!

For example, excess alcohol and sugar or smoking can contribute to aging more rapidly.

Nutrition and exercise have been a priority for me for a very long time (I loved the fresh grown veggies and fruits from my grandparents garden) and I believe that my healthy (heavily plant based/whole food) diet, adequate hydration, moving my body, living in a toxin free home, and using clean, effective supplementation has really served me well in aging my best and I am passionate about sharing it with others.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing my passion about how we can age better together!

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